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The cultural and artistic creations are part of the entertainment scene of Quito, but does not mix up with business and technological fields. Being not only the most entrepreneurial country of Latin America according to the global Entrepreneurship monitor 2016, and the 1st city to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Quito has a lot to offer for touristic and entrepreneurship purposes.

Nevertheless, the entrepreneurship and communitarian sense of living in Ecuador’s capital is currently far from being related, only 4% of startups survive after 3 years and a short 26% of new business generate jobs.

PLAY HOUSE believes that we can help make the start-up ecosystem more sustainable, and more impactful for social and economic growth by increasing the connections between local and foreign entrepreneurs, the broader community and by facilitating a space of exchange to contribute and positioning Quito as a start-up’s destination, and a collaborative innovation scenario.

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